What our Students say…

I would like to thank you Keith and the staff at CMTI in helping me reach my goal of becoming a paramedic. Your staff is incredible in the support they provide to its students. I struggled with a few things and your staff went out of their way to provide extra help that included staying after and providing their personal numbers for additional support. I never felt like I was in over my head or overwhelmed and for that I thank your staff. I can’t find the words to thank them enough for what a difference they made for me and other students.
If you are looking to become a paramedic and don’t think you can do it enroll in CMTI and make it happen. Thanks again to everyone and to the great class members of Paramedic Class 3 that also provided support to one another. A special shout out to Bill, Mike, Gary, Maureen, Steve F., Harry, and Brandon.

Peter O’Brien, REMT-P CMTI
Paramedic Class 3

I would like to thank you and your staff at CMTI for being so professional throughout the process of my paramedic program. As you know, it was a long road for me and I had to overcome many difficult personal circumstances. Throughout all of my tough times, the staff at CMTI were there for me and made it a lot easier to overcome my obstacles. Your staff was always professional and compassionate. I would especially like to thank you [Keith Wilson], Jack Ahern and Maureen Farrow for always going the extra mile for me. You are truly surrounded by great people and have a top notch staff.

Nathan Jones, FF/EMTP
CMTI Paramedic Class 1

I just wanted to say thanks to you guys! Your class was amazing! Your staff was very good at making sure everyone understood all the material and it was drilled into our heads. I don’t think I’ll ever forget anything. I can’t wait to come back and take my paramedic with you!

Siobhan Housley
CMTI EMT Class 3

I want to take a moment and thank you and the entire staff at CMTI for helping me through Paramedic School. From the first day of class, all the way through our clinical rotations, the staff at CMTI were always available to answer questions and assist me.
Keep up the good work!

Brain Trefry
CMTI Paramedic Class 1

I just wanted to reach out and thank you and your staff for a great education/experience.< The insructors were professional and their experience in the field was evident in their teaching methods. If anyone is thinking of making the jump from EMT to Paramedic school, CMTI is the program to attend! Thanks again!

Matthew Campbell, REMT-P
CMTI Paramedic Class 1

CMTI’s Basic EMT class was the best course I have ever taken!
Both Jack and Keith Wilson (Program Director) are determined to see each and every student succeed.
They have high expectations of every student who goes through their program, but with the knowledge and material they provide, you will succeed! Whether you choose to work in the field or not, what you learn from this class is valuable information that you will be glad you have.

Cheryl Marquardt
CMTI EMT-Basic Class 1

If anyone is thinking about signing up for these classes, I highly recommend them. I just finished the EMT class and it was great! The instructors are sensational and the material is interesting enough to keep it exciting. You will learn so much in a short time! Keith Wilson (Program Director) is absolutely committed to producing the best EMT’s and Paramedics possible.
Thanks for a great experience guy’s! : )

Michael S. Lydon
CMTI EMT-Basic Class 1


I’m happy to report that I passed the written exam with a 134/150. I wanted to take the time to thank you again. Your school has given a me a leg up on others. You have helped fulfill a goal of mine that I’ve been reaching towards for several years. Being a civilian paramedic will help me become a better medic for the US Army. I know that if I am ever deployed, I will be confident.

Andrew Brophy, REMT-P CMTI
Paramedic Class 2

I just want to thank you and your staff at CMTI for all of the instruction and guidance that was bestowed upon EMT-B Class 6 over the past months. I realize that we are not entirely through the process of becoming EMT-B professionals, but I feel that we all have been given the opportunity to build a solid foundation to get there. I certainly will be passing on my praises to anyone seeking a professional and dedicated program such as yours. Much appreciation.

Aimee Kelly
CMTI EMT-Basic Class 6

Every single person at CMTI, from day one until I received my paramedic license worked 24/7 to make sure my every need was met.
I have had experiences with other companies and how they treat their students in the past. With that being said, CMTI is light years ahead of any program I have ever been involved with. The teachers came prepared every single lecture, the staff had a personal relationship with every single student, and their organization is second to none. The staff members all have many years of EMS experience in first rate systems and are extremely knowledgeable with the material being presented.
The most important thing that I want to mention is that every single CMTI staff member, no matter the day or time was available to answer my phone calls. They would always get back to me immediately, whether it was for a simple question, or a huge concern.
Even more impressive was how dedicated they were during the clinical internships. Many teaching facilities tend to lose contact and drift away from your needs once you start hospital and ride time. I was contacted very frequently by my coordinator and the owner of CMTI to make sure all was well with my hours and my experience. You will find yourself learning more than you ever imagined and you will also enjoy the style and caring which is exclusive to CMTI.
I could not have been happier with every aspect of CMTI from the staff, to the facilities. CMTI helps make an extremely difficult process seem that much easier to accomplish because they are there for you every step of the way. I know I would not be the paramedic I am today without them.
Thank you all!

Nicholas Camacho
EMT-P, Boston EMS

Dear Keith and Gary,

I would like to extend the most heartfelt thank you to the CMTI Team! Because of your top-notch staff and instructors, I got my EMT certification and have been hired by Brewster.  While it wasn’t easy having to wait several months to be old enough to test, you guys went out of your way for me to make sure that I was well prepared.  Your instructors always went the extra mile to ensure that any new material seemed easy.  I passed the practical on my birthday and passed the written a couple days later! I’m incredibly impressed with your program and can’t wait to come back for Paramedic in the near future!

Abby Dubrawski
EMT Class 20